Bexley, OH

Bexley is just a 15 minute drive from The Hearing Center of Ohio.

At The Hearing Center of Ohio we are here to provide all of your hearing health needs in Bexley, Ohio .  We understand the importance of healthy hearing and the impact it has on your relationships and connection to the world around you.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer all of your hearing healthcare questions and to get you on your way to better hearing.

A regular hearing exam should be part of your annual health care routine to properly monitor your level of hearing.   Untreated hearing loss is a health and quality of life issue and results in many health consequences including cognitive decline, dementia, probelms with balance and  impacts on mental health.  Do not dismiss any symptoms you have as selective hearing or just part of the aging process.  Call today for your FREE Hearing Evaluation .

As with any health related issue, early detect is key.  That is why at The Hearing Center of Ohio we offer FREE Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations and Consultations.  We also know that an informed patient is the best type of patient.  Each evaluation also includes a complete hearing health plan designed to educate our patients on the best hearing care possible.  All of our hearing services are designed to meet our patients individual needs.

One in three people in the United States over the age of 60 have a hearing loss .  And 90-95% of the people with a hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids .  There are mainy Risk Factors that impact hearing loss including smoking, heart health, hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis.  If you or a loved one has any of these conditions, please have your hearing evaluated once a year by a hearing health professional.
Bexley, OH
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