Grove City, OH

Grove City is just a 17 minute drive from The Hearing Center of Ohio.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide all of your hearing health care solutions in Grove City .  Only a short drive to our office, free parking is available in the parking garage or through the valet.  We know how important your hearing health is to your overall health, for this reason, we are happy to provide in-home visits for patients when necessary.  

The Hearing Center of Ohio offers a compete line of hearing health services to meet our patients needs. Each new and existing patient receives a FREE hearing test annually to monitor your hearing health requirements.  All of your follow-up visits , check-ups and cleanings are provided at no additional cost.  We know how important the maintenance and care of your hearing devices are to your overall hearing.  Therefore, we make this process as convenient as possible.

It is important to take a proactive approach to your health during every stage of your life--and your hearing health is no different.  For this reason, The Hearing Center of Ohio offers FREE Hearing Evaluations to all of our patients.  As part of this process, we provide the education necessary to make an informed decision about your hearing health and the comprehensive plan tailored to meet each of our patients needs.

90-95% of the people with a hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids . Good communication is important in life and it starts with better hearing! Treating your hearing loss can improve relationships, job performance, cognitive ability and your overall quality of life.  Call today for your FREE Hearing Evaluation .
Grove City, OH
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