Hearing Aids Helped Keep Grove City Couple Safe During Tornado
By: Elyse Chengery, 4/10/18, NBC4i.com

GROVE CITY, OH (WCMH) -- It was nearly a week ago when a tornado
ripped through Grove City, causing thousands of power outages and damage 
that is still clearly visible.

With trees ripped right in half, and an entire garage gone, quite a bit of
cleanup still needs to be done. A Grove City homeowner says he is hearing
impaired and if it wasn't for the hearing aids he wears every day, he wouldn't
have known a tornado was headed directly for his home.

I could hear a really strange noise and so I went outside to see what that
noise was. And when I walked out on the porch I looked down the street
and the tornado was heading right down the street at us," said Bob Rutger.
Bob heard the high-pitch noise with his hearing aids, but his wife could not
hear it.

"I ran back in the house real fast and I yelled at her, and I told her to run in
the spare bedroom and get on the closet floor. And then I was right behind
her and kind of jumped on top of her. You could hear like the house getting
ripped apart up above us and within seconds it was dead silence I mean
nothing," said Rutger.

They then went outside and looked around. They saw parts of their roof
ripped off along with the chimney. The garage door was caved in on their
cars, windows smashed. Both of them were not physically hurt and say the
rest can be fixed. But they still relive that day.

"We're almost having kind of nightmares because with the noises and stuff
I heard and seeing all the debris flying around you know you kind of almost have nightmares about it," Bob Rutger.

"I'm just very grateful. I complained about not being able to go get out on Hoover Road, that we have to whatever and then I'll look at the house, out the back window, and I'm like, wow I don't have anything to complain about look at their house compared to ours yes we have a lot of damage but we're very lucky at the same," said Donna Rutger.

The two say they will pay closer attention to the sirens. They said even though they were watching updates on the TV it's really important to know what to do when those sirens go off because it could turn out to be a storm like this.