Hilliard, OH

Hilliard is just a 17 minute drive from The Hearing Center of Ohio.

Better hearing starts with our FREE Hearing Evaluation .  At The Hearing Center of Ohio we understand the importance of healthy hearing.  We offer a complete line of hearing services to Hilliard, Ohio .  If you are unable to make it into our office, we can provide in-home visits as well.  Call our office today to begin the journey to better hearing.

As with any health related issue, early detection is key.  Make sure you include a hearing test as part of your annual health care routine before you notice the first signs of hearing loss .  Having a base line test is the best way to monitor and perserve your hearing.  Hearing loss is irreverseble, so begin your journey to better hearing today and call for your FREE hearing evaluation.

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to improving the lives of our patients and those around them by assessing their needs and developing a customized hearing solution .  Our Hearing Specialist is board certified by the National Board of Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC_HIS).  By receiving this certification, he has excelled beyond the basic requirements for assisting the hearing impaired through successful completion of additional studies and examinations which demonstrate his exemplary level of knowledge, skill and expertise in this field.

At The Hearing Center of Ohio, we beleive an informed patient is the best type of patient.  Our staff takes pride in providing personalized care and attention to each of our patients.  This begins with educating our paitents and their families on the consequences of untreated hearing loss and the options avaiable to help improve the quality of life for everyone involved.  Call today for your FREE consultation and evaluation.
Hilliard, OH
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