Worthington, OH

Worthington is just a 15 minute drive from The Hearing Center of Ohio.

​Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States.  
Symptoms include:
  • Hearing but not understanding
  • Continuously asking people to speak louder or repeat themselves
  • ​Difficulty hearing the television

The key to treating hearing loss is to start early before your loss gets worse. This begins wih a comprehensive hearing evaluaction .   Healthy hearing is beneficial to not only you, but your family and friends.  The sooner you can get back to doing the things you love and speaking with your family without difficulty the better.

At The Hearing Center we offer many services to help with your hearing needs including FREE  Hearing Tests  which determines your hearing capability and level of hearing loss, if any.  From there we decide whether you could benefit from hearing aids and design a hearing health plan specific to your needs.

Taking the steps toward better hearing is a an important life decision. Good hearing can help with your relationships, work performance, enjoyment of music and movies, cognitive health , safety , and more.  There are only positives when it comes to improving your hearing!  Call today to discover the hearing services in Worthington, Ohio .
Worthington, OH
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